Horsehead Nebula Horsehead Nebula

Western Sydney University,
Penrith Observatory

Club meetings are held at the Western Sydney University, Penrith Observatory on the third Wednesday of each month and commence at 7:30pm. Normally, a professional astronomer will attend these meetings to give a lecture on their current research or area of expertise. No observational astronomy or viewing is done at these meetings.

We do not recommend children under the age of 12 attend monthly club meetings.

The club also assists the Western Sydney University with its public observing nights at the Penrith Observatory.

Location: Werrington North Campus, Western Sydney University, Great Western Highway, Werrington, NSW.

Note: You are not permitted to park at the observatory. Park your car in the visitor's car park about 200m from and at the bottom of the road leading to the Penrith Observatory.

The only visitors or club members allowed to park at the dome are those who have a medical condition or the guest speaker who may have equipment to carry to the observatory.

For further details see Penrith Observatory.